Facing Cancer Together

Building family strength and resilience

A parental cancer diagnosis can rattle a family’s foundation, resulting in fear, uncertainty and stress. We believe that no family should face cancer alone. We are there to offer a community of support, empathy and insight to help guide you and your family through and beyond the cancer experience.

Through our Facing Cancer Together program, families with young children and teens living with a parental cancer diagnosis, receive accurate, age-appropriate information about cancer and its effects on the family at no cost to participants. In a safe and optimistic environment, participants have the opportunity within their peer groups to ask questions, share their fears, access support systems and learn more about cancer.

Families receive the education and support needed to gain lasting skills that not only strengthen, but forge resilience in the whole family. We firmly believe that a family can be strengthened through the cancer experience and take these learnings far into the future in order to thrive and face the profound uncertainties with renewed hope and meaning.

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For further information about Facing Cancer Together program activities, please contact Melissa Turgeon at mturgeon@mnangel.org.

Frequently asked questions about the Facing Cancer Together program