Donor Spotlight-Ray Henderson

A gesture of devotion builds a legacy of giving

Since 2004, Ray Henderson has made a monthly donation to Angel Foundation in memory of his wife June, who passed away just before Christmas, 2003 from ovarian cancer. Through his ongoing gift, Ray also recognizes Dr. Cheryl Bailey from Minnesota Oncology’s Minneapolis clinic, who was June’s oncologist and surgeon during her 2 ½ year cancer experience.





During a visit to Angel Foundation’s
offices, Ray Henderson left an inscription
on Legacy Square in honor of June.





 We are grateful for his dedication to our organization and are deeply touched by this continuing gesture of devotion to June. Here we share some of Ray’s remembrances of June as testimony to the importance that stories play for families facing a cancer diagnosis and beyond. Thanks to donors like Ray, we are able to help other families make memories to support and sustain them.

“Memories of June are many. As is the case for those who lose loved ones, memories are the ‘glue’ that hold us together individually and as a family. Our five children and I talk about June often and share what I think of as snapshots of happenings which bring her back to us on call.

Three of my personal remembrances are favorites.

The first, of course, is of our wedding day with so many family members sharing that day. I can relive the entire day in my mind, even conversations shared with June.

The second, bolstered by specific incidents, is of June’s tremendous athleticism. I remember playing catch with a softball with her. She could ‘burn ‘em’ in! It was hard for me to guide those throws into my glove because she had a right hander’s reverse spin on the ball! She was only a 5 foot, three inch 103 pound girl and so athletic? I was impressed by her natural Scandinavian beauty, and I really liked the sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks! Years later, our two oldest sons would challenge her to 30-yard running sprints in our back yard when she was almost 40 years old—she always won!

My third vivid memory of June is of her sitting on a bicycle in her 1949 Annual, posing as the Most Athletic girl in the senior class.

The memories of knowing June for 55 years and being married to her for over 48 years have supported me since she left us. I want to extend my sincere sympathy to those who have lost loved ones to cancer. Though it always seems to strike our loved ones too early in life, we can be thankful for the indelible and happy memories they have given us! And, we are really fortunate that family, friends and organizations like the Angel Foundation are there to give their steady support and encouragement to the families struck by cancer.”