Donor Spotlight-Kim Brown

Kim Brown is a Facing Cancer Together volunteer, donor, and member of Angel Foundation's board of directors

Kim Brown

Cancer is an equal opportunity disease and can strike anyone at anytime—and always when you least expect it. I know this to be true. Nine years ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I remember clearly the moment she told me and my feelings of fear and confusion. We were lucky to find a great oncologist and she went through all the necessary treatment—surgery, chemo and radiation—and eventually was declared cancer free. It was a very difficult time and being my mom’s main caregiver and trying to hold down a full-time job with a great deal of responsibility was often overwhelming. I craved and needed to talk to others who like me, were dealing with the vastness of the issues that families face when cancer strikes.

As time went on I became aware of Angel Foundation, met Margie Sborov and began to understand the depth and scope of the services Angel Foundation provides. Learning about Angel Foundation was enough to get me to sign on as a volunteer at Kids Kamp—the annual camp for kids ages 5-18 who have a parent with cancer. It was a life changing experience. I met kids from all walks of life, listened to their stories, their fears and their joys. I admired them for their resilience and bravery and prayed for two things: one, that my nieces would never have to experience and face what these kids were facing and two, that there would always be enough support for Angel Foundation so that any family that needs it would be able to benefit from Angel Foundation programs.

Angel Foundation does something no other organization does—it focuses on the whole family, not just the adult with the diagnosis. Angel Foundation goes beyond the diagnosis to create a strong circle of support helping families become stronger, more resilient and more capable of handling what they must to get through the cancer diagnosis. There are no hoops to go through, just their hands and hearts ready, reaching out to families so they won’t have to take the journey alone. It’s amazing.

I believe in the work of Angel Foundation and that is why I support it through my volunteerism and with my financial support.