About Us

When cancer strikes, Angel Foundation provides two programs that help foster strength, resilience and hope. Both programs help adults living with cancer and their families gain a level of control over lives during a time of great uncertainty.

Through our Emergency Financial Assistance program, adults in active cancer treatment in the Twin Cities receive emergency financial assistance for non-medical basic needs such as food, gas, utilities, rent or mortgage payments.

Facing Cancer Together provides education and support to families facing a parental cancer diagnosis.

Our Mission

Through an innovative and integrated approach of financial assistance, education and support, Angel Foundation helps adults with cancer and their families so that they may live life well with stability, strength and resilience.

Our Vision

Angel Foundation is recognized as the premier resource in Minnesota for educational, psychosocial and financial support for adults with cancer and their families.

Our Values

At Angel Foundation, these values guide us as we carry out our mission and work toward our vision:

Compassion: We bring professional expertise as well as personal experience to our work. We strive to see through the eyes of those we serve to provide innovative programs that reflect and address the emerging needs of our families in order to alleviate distress and build strength, resilience, and hope.

Integrity: We demonstrate an unwavering adherence to the highest ethical standards in our actions to do what is right for those we serve and in the stewardship of our resources.

Family-focused: We know that a cancer diagnosis affects the entire family and impacts the whole community. We take a holistic approach to embrace the needs of the adult living with cancer, their family and community that surrounds and supports them.

Passion to Succeed: We are deeply committed to making a profound and lasting difference in the lives of adults with cancer and their families. Through professional and personal passion, we act in a strategic, deliberate, and goal-directed manner to advance the organization.

Our Branding Guidelines

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